Is VNC Encrypted?

vnc encryption

It is by default that VNC isn’t a secured protocol. It makes use of encryption during the initial connection as well as login – which is why passwords are not sent in plain text.

Once you have already connected, it is then that all the VNC data is not encrypted, allowing the hacker can sniff out one’s VNC session.

It is comparatively better and safer to start the VNC server on this localhost and then tunnel it over to secure the SSH (Secure Shell) channel – for which you will find that there are options in Putty. So, when you are punching it through a VNC port, you are also sending in all the data through an encrypted channel.

How does one secure the VNC sessions?

To secure the VNC session server, you will have to configure the encryption method to secure it. The preferred method for this would be the TLS encryption. However, you could also opt for the SSL encryption.

After that, you will have to implement the command – # vncserver -SecurityTypes=VeNCrypt,TLSVnc to start using the TLS encryption.

Here, you will have to enter the password to access the VNC. This password will be required to access your computer.

If you follow the above-given method, you could quickly work to secure your VNC sessions when installing a VNC server.

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