Is VNC a Protocol?

3D VNC word Glass Style

VNC, which is also known as Virtual Network Computing, is a systematic technology that allows remove-desktop sharing.

Briefly, VNC is made use of to see the visual display of another monitor. Nonetheless, an appropriate internet connection is required in doing so.

About VNC

Many people in business or general people make use of the VNC technology to access monitors through another monitor while traveling. Moreover, many network administrators make use of this technology in the IT and accounting fields. Industries that require to deliberately troubleshoot the problems, make use of VNC.

Applications of VNC

VNC was briefly created around the late 1990s. Therefore, a plethora of basic and standard remote monitor solutions related to VNC emerged simultaneously.

Thus, the creators of VNC invented a package known as RealVNC. Therefore, several packages such as TightVNC, and UltraVNC were created for different operating systems. Thus, in the later stage, many apps were invented based on VNC that accommodates different operating systems such as Linux, macOS, and windows.

You can read our article about apps for VNC remote desktop access on Windows to find the most suitable and appropriate VNC apps. These apps are created for providing various VNC-related services and solutions.

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