How to Start VNC on Redhat Linux 7?

Redhat Linux 7

Starting VNC on Redhat Linux 7

VNC, which is known as Virtual Network Computing, is a system that is used as graphical desktop sharing, allowing you to control other computers remotely.

The process of starting VNC on RedHat LINUX is given below:

  1. Ensure that the desktop packages have been installed from before. It would be good if you have Gnome desktop installed. In case you don’t have it installed on your Linux machine, you can use the following command to download it – [root@linuxtechi ~]# yum groupinstall “GNOME Desktop”
  2. Next, install TigerVNC as well as all other dependency packages.
  3. The third step is to set up the VNC server configuration file.
  4. Next, update all the information in the user’s profile in the configuration file.
  5. Ensure that you set the Firewall Rule in case you see Firewall already enabled in you Linux box.
  6. The next step is to set a VNC password for the use.
  7. Make sure that you start and enable the VNC service when asking to boot.
  8. The third step is to access the remote desktop session

P.S. – If you have an Ubuntu machine then open this link – ubuntu@localhost:~$ vncviewer

After that, enter the password which you have set for the user in the steps above. After you have validated the authentication, the Remote Desktop Session will automatically start.

If you have a Windows machine, then using the VNC viewer, enter the VNC server I.P. address as well as Port Number and then click Enter or OK.

After that, enter the VNC password and then again click on OK. You’ll notice that the desktop session will automatically start after the authentication is completed.

Follow the above-mentioned steps to start-off the VNC on your RedHat LINUX and enjoy the experience!

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