Apps for VNC Remote Desktop Access on Windows

VNC Client and Viewer for Windows

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Before we get into the details, let us first know what a VNC server is. As the developments in the field of technology have been increasing massively, there also have been a great number of developments in the field of servers.

In the earlier days, servers had minimal access and could be accessed by very few authorized officials in the organization. However, with the world becoming a smaller place, and organizations witnessing a massive increase in national and international clients, this limited access was no doubt going to be a problem.

This is where VNC or virtual network computer came in to save the day.

What is VNC?

VNC is a kind of network that allows remote desktop sharing. This kind of network allows a person to access a desktop display of one computer over a network connection. This kind of network is an integral part of today’s top-notch multinational organizations.

VNC is used by the IT department of these big-shot multinational organizations to troubleshoot problems on the spot.

In the absence of VNC, trained IT professionals will have to physically travel to the location of the problem and fix it. This would result in an increase in cost and time taken to correct the problem.

Clients these days are impatient and need their work completed as soon as possible. In the face of such a fast-paced world, it is always better to have apps for VNC remote desktop access on windows.

If you have indeed researched on VNC and looking for apps for VNC remote desktop access on windows, then here are a few suggestions.

remote desktop software for assistance


1. VNC Viewer Plus

VNC VIEWER PLUS is among the best-paid apps for VNC. For those who may be skeptical about this particular app is so expensive, it must rest assured that VNC Viewer Plus is the most value for money VNC app out there. Not only does VNC viewer plus have a high standard VNC connection capability, but it also has a feature using which you can share information with the Intel hardware, giving you complete access and uninterrupted control over the entire functioning of the PC.

2. Ultra VNC

Among the most recent VNC applications is ULTRA VNC. The name of this app is justified as it makes operating a VNC network ultra-easy and fast. Equipped with a chat feature, this VNC app comes with predetermined network types you can choose from to avoid confusion before jumping into a remote session.

3. TightVNC viewer

TightVNC viewer is perfect for individuals and firms who are in search of a remote desktop tool. If you want to install a VNC network on a desktop with older versions of windows, then this is the app for you. JPEG compression is another feature that can be easily used to save on bandwidth.

The above are only a few of the best VNC apps for windows out there. Since VNC is indeed concerned with privacy and being able to access another computer, make sure you install a trustable and safe app like the ones mentioned above.

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